Glass half full

Is your glass empty or half full is a common, proverbial expression you must have come across. It is used rhetorically to determine whether you are pessimistic (half empty) or positive (half full) about any situation and could easily apply to the position we all are in at the moment.

We prefer to look at it as a half full position and hence the subtitle of this newsletter when I launched it yesterday: Glass Half Full. Today, I am making it the actual title of this newsletter to distinguish it from all the other emails going out under the subject heading of Covid-19.

I repeated this phrase many times yesterday in response to the phone-calls and emails (not an avalanche but still quite a few) received in response to our newsletter of yesterday. After all, I did say I wanted to make it inter-active! A majority of the feedback was in fact from the hospitality sector. Their argument is that if the Government is asking people not to visit pubs and restaurants then how can they survive and in their view the glass is truly half empty and will soon be totally empty.

My answer was simple. Have you considered what you are in business for? Serving good, decent food to our customers is what almost everyone said. If that is what you are in business for then, yes, I can understand that your customers can’t come to you but have you considered taking your food to the customers, I asked

It is this kind of out-of-the-box thinking we need now.

Restaurants and pubs in local communities have relied on local custom. It is that same customer that is now locked down or isolated within their homes. They are also, if they have young children, tied down looking after restless children because the schools are closed and are, in all probability, struggling to get the family meals organised because they haven’t been out to do the grocery shopping.

So what stops you from offering them ready cooked meals delivered to their doors? You could be going to your customer instead of the customer coming to you. It can be done with just a little bit of organisation and effective use of your resources. After all you will have waiting staff unemployed and kitchen staff who would love to get back into the kitchen. And you will be doing your local community a service which they are not likely to forget when all this is over. Cultivating this sort of loyalty would normally cost you hundreds in marketing and advertising!

Taking this a bit further how about offering a full week’s meal plan? By supplying a whole week‘s meals freshly cooked and delivered to the doorstep which could be frozen by the householder you will not only boost your revenue but may find it easier to organise logistically.

These are just ideas which will come to you if you sit down and think about it. Your glass is definitely half full and you have the means to make it full as long as you don’t start worrying and focusing on the problem when the solutions are staring you in the face.

We need to start believing that the glass is half full from now on. Look out for another episode tomorrow. In the meanwhile do write and tell me how you have changed your thinking and what you are doing differently.





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