Glass half full

Updated: Apr 21

Today I would like you to press the pause button.

I would like us all to pause and think of the situation we are in which is neither of our making nor over which we have much control especially in respect of how it is going to finish. It is like we are looking collectively into a black hole but we know our glass is half full. So why not just pause and consider how things can be made better now and when we come out of this black hole.

The pause button on any machine gives us the opportunity to stop things temporarily. All I’m asking you is to press the pause button because today is Friday and we need time to reflect which can be done over the next two days of the weekend. That would also mean I won’t need to write to you over the next two days and come back with a fresh Newsletter on Monday!

During this period let us do some positive thinking. We need to consider less of where we are and more of what and where we would like to be when this is all over. Yes, you read it right. We need to look forward and see where we would like to be when this is all over.

Once you clear your mind of the negativity around us, you need to start planning around how things may be a little different from now and how we could do things differently from what we have been doing so far and maybe with more positivity. We need to use this opportunity to make changes so that we are more efficient, more self-sufficient and more productive.

I hope you can see that there can be no better time than now to start working on it. We have the opportunity to have a total “rebirth”, if you like, of our business and even our personal lives. We need to be ready for take-off which will happen.

So put on your seat-belt and get ready for the lift off of the flight which will come as soon as the skies are clear and this coronavirus thing is over. At that point it will be the businesses seated in the flights which are prepared for the take-off that will take to the skies literally. If that is where you want your business to be, then let us follow the protocols for preparing for the take-off.

You are aware, I am sure, of the exit doors but you do not want your business to exit just yet. You also know where the life jackets are kept and from where the oxygen supply will be made available. If you don’t, then please find out (or ask us) about all the provisions that the Chancellor announced in the recent budget to help businesses including the Government backed bank loans, business rates relief (or 12 month holiday, if you are eligible) and the tax time-to-pay relaxation made available as of now plus all those other life jackets that are being added almost daily.

More importantly think of where you will be landing and what you’re going to do to enjoy the sights and the rewards of being at a different place from where you are today.

Press that pause button with a view to preparing yourself for the flight which will happen. I hope you will be on that flight.





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